Huang Wei received his PhD in Management Information Systems (MIS). He has served as the Dean of the Xi’an Jiao Tong University’s School of Management, as a National Thousand Talents Program Scholar, Chief Professor in the Ministry of Education’s Changjiang Scholars Program, a visiting fellow at Harvard University, a lifelong professor at Ohio University’s School of Business, and a lifelong faculty member of Sydney, Australia’s New South Wales University. Huang Wei additionally has more than 30 years of scientific research teaching experience at well-known research universities in America, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

In Management Information Systems, Huang Wei’s academic research results include publishing more than ten academic books in America and Germany, published more than 160 academic papers in the International Journal of Management Information Systems and International Conference papers. In 2005, Huang Wei became a lifelong professor after doing research work in America, and remains an active and productive researcher. During his building years, he published more than 30 academic papers in international journals.

Huang Wei is a distinguished American university subject evaluation expert and international ABET organization certification special evaluation expert. At the same time, he was also invited to serve as or has served as an evaluation expert in the Natural Science Foundation of China, as well as institutions in the United States, Canada, and Luxembourg, as well as  being a Research Grants Council invited expert to Hong Kong University and City University of Hong Kong.

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