Siyang ZHAO

Siyang Zhao earned his bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Xi’an International Studies University, master’s degree from Jinan University, and a PhD in International Relations  from Jinan University and Free University of Berlin, as well as a post PhD in Communication Studies at Jinan University.

Zhao’s research interests include history of Sino-American relations, history of international political ideas, and the ancient international order in Asia. He collaborated with Rhodes University on field studies about China-Africa relations. He also was invited by National Chengchi University to carry out field studies focusing on social capital in Taiwan.

He won the national scholarship and outstanding student award in the Guangdong Province.  He has also published several essays, including “The Analogy and Interpretation to the Pre-Qin Chinese Thoughts on Foreign relations in the Republican Period” and “The regional public goods and the shift of East Asia system in Ming Dynasty,” which won 2nd place in the National Essay Competition for International Relations PhD in China.

Zhao’s focus is now more towards communications and Chinese public diplomacy since working at the Communications department at Jinan University.

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