Shan NI

Shan NI is currently the program management coordinator and project manager of the Trade and Investment Facilitation Department at the Mekong Institute, an inter-governmental organization with six Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) country members – China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. Prior to joining the Mekong Institute, Ms. NI worked as a project consultant at the China Office of APCO Worldwide, a leading U.S. public affairs consulting company where she helped identify key stakeholders and develop engagement strategies with both central and local governments, as well as researched political, economic and industrial policies in China. She has worked for both public and private sectors in the U.S., China and Southeast Asia and is experienced in dealing with multi-stakeholders and analyzing regional and national issues.

Ms. NI’s key areas of competencies are in policy analysis, government relations and trade and investment development. She earned an MA degree jointly awarded by Johns Hopkins SAIS and China’s Foreign Affairs University, the former in international relations and international economics and the latter in diplomacy.

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