Qichao WANG

Qichao WANG is a PhD candidate in international relations at the University of Macau under supervisor Jianwei WANG. His research interests include China-ASEAN relations, the Korean Peninsula, and peace and conflict in Asia. He was a visiting fellow at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta, Indonesia from April to November 2014 and earned a diploma in peace research co-issued by the University of Oslo and PRIO (Peace Research Institute Oslo) in 2012. He has served as workshop facilitator for various events, including the International Institution of Peace Studies in Thailand, the Asia Muslim Network, and the 2012 Peace Ceremony in Hiroshima, Japan. He helped design the first peace studies course in Vietnam on behalf of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. He obtained a BA in world history from Minzu University and an MA at China Foreign Affairs University. Afterward, he worked at the Jane Goodall Institute for two years as program coordinator for its environmental education program. He speaks Chinese and English and reads academic Portuguese and Spanish. He is currently undertaking a scholarly translation of Thomas T. Allsen’s book “The Royal Hunt in Eurasia History,” to be published in 2016 by China Social Sciences Academic Press.

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