Kevin Lanza is a PhD student in the school of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Institute of Technology. With a degree in environmental science from Emory University and work experience at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he combines the environmental and public health fields in his planning research. As a member of the Urban Climate Lab under his advisor Brian Stone, he examines adaptation strategies to combat urban heat islands, tree hardiness zone shifts with climate change, and the relationship between land surface temperatures and air temperatures in measuring urban heat islands. A member of the Sino-U.S. Eco-Urban Lab under Perry Yang, Kevin is developing a collaborative design model alongside Cheryl Chi, which they tested in a tri-party urban design studio using Chongming Island, China, as the case study. In the future, Kevin and a Georgia Tech research team plan to explore the connection between public health and the built environment in Shanghai and Chongming Island, China, by implementing a Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

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