Cui Ge is an Associate Professor and Deputy Director at Dalian University of Technology’s Center for Asia-Pacific and Global Strategy Studies.  He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Linguistics from Liaoning Normal University; he is a visiting PhD scholar in Columbia University; and he obtained his PhD in American Diplomacy from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

His research interests include US culture and diplomacy, US policy towards Sub-Saharan Africa and denuclearization in Korean Peninsula.  He was a Fulbright Research Scholar in 2015-16 at Johns Hopkins University and is also the vice-president of Dalian Association for International Relations.

Ge’s publications include monographs, research reports, edited books, and articles, including: US and Africa, in Great Power and Africa, Chinese Academy of Social Science, 2013; Anti-Terrorism & Oil: US Strategy towards Sub-Sahara Africa in Bush Years, Beijing: World Affairs Publishing House, 2012.; and US Policy towards Diaoyu Islands and China Countermeasures. Asia & Africa Review. 2015. No.1 (in Chinese).

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