PANEL IV: Soft Power Competition and Cultural Friction

15:00-16:35 (15 minutes per speaker, 20 minutes discussant, 15 minutes Q&A)

   Chair: Dr. Robert A. Kapp

   Discussant: Dr. Yawei LIU


GPA, GDP — “Credential-Chasing” and its Effect on Chinese Foreign Policy

   Meicen SUN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


From Peaceful Evolution to Harmonious Cooperation

   Shidong XU, US China Global Trading and Technology Group


Does History Education Promote Nationalism in China? A “Limited Effect” Explanation

   Dingding CHEN, University of Macau


How Does the Chinese Public Form Their Opinions about China-Japan Relations?

The Role of Analogical Reasoning

   Ning ZHANG, California Polytechnic State University


16:00-16:20 Discussant’s remarks

16:20-16:35 Q&A