PANEL III: Cyber Security and Mil-to-mil Exchange

13:10-14:45 (15 minutes per speaker, 20 minutes discussant, 15 minutes Q&A)

   Chair: Dr. Daniel Christopher LYNCH

   Discussant: Dr. Dong WANG


Sino-U.S. Military to Military Exchange

   William YALE, American Security Project


Sino-U.S. Differences, Competition and Cooperation in Global Cyber Security Governance

   Lu SUN, China University of Communication


Can the U.S. and China Find Common Ground in Cyberspace?

   Graham WEBSTER, Yale Law School


Into the Future of Sino-US Cooperation on Global Internet Governance: The Example of Managing Cyberspace Security

   Jia XU, Fudan University


14:10-14:30 Discussant’s remarks

14:30-14:45 Q&A