PANEL II: U.S.-China Regional and Global Collaboration

10:50-12:25 (15 minutes per speaker, 20 minutes discussant, 15 minutes Q&A)

   Chair: Gang DING

   Discussant: Ambassador Julia Chang BLOCH


The Diaoyu Islands Dispute Against the Backdrop of the Asia-Pacific Rebalancing Strategy and the New Model of Sino-U.S. “Major-Country Relations”

   Zelong HAI, Peking University


Sino-U.S. Collaboration for Future Cities

   Kevin LANZA, Georgia Institute of Technology


Sino-U.S Co-opetition in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

   Shan NI, The Mekong Institute


Meeting China Halfway

   Lyle GOLDSTEIN, China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI); U.S. Naval War College


11:50-12:10 Discussant’s remarks

12:10-12:25 Q&A