PANEL I: Building a New Framework for U.S.-China Relations

09:00-10:35 (15 minutes per speaker, 20 minutes discussant, 15 minutes Q&A)

   Chair: Dr. Harry HARDING

   Discussant: Dr. Zhe SUN


Rethinking the “Thucydides Trap”: The Process of Power Transition and a New Model of Major-Country Relations Between China and the United States

   Yong CHEN, Peking University


Breaking Points and U.S.-China Divergence: Coming Back to Cooperation

   Peter MATTIS, The Jamestown Foundation


The Internationalization of China Think Tanks—Perspective from Cooperation of Sino-U.S. Think Tanks

   Qichao WANG & Yuzhou DUAN, University of Macau


The China-U.S. Relationship Seen Through the Prism of China’s “Slogan Foreign Policy”: the Narrative and the Strategic Meaning

   Andrea GHISELLI, Fudan University


10:00-10:20 Discussant’s remarks

10:20-10:35 Q&A